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About Tennessee Politics

About Tennessee Politics Why You Need Tennessee Politics
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TENNESSEE POLITICS is delivered daily Monday through Friday, except for normal business holidays, by Internet, e-mail and fax. It is published by Mockingbird Media, Inc.

Tennessee Politics is a dynamic collection of news stories, summaries, commentary and political analysis, even a little political humor, organized into categories accessible from our colorful campaign button menu. We know that politics and business go hand-in-hand and money, like it or not, rules in the power game. Our coverage follows the power and follows the money with top reporting, quick summaries and overviews, and the only online database that lets readers search financial contributions to Tennessee candidates AND federal candidates across the United States. We currently maintain more than 350,000 financial records in a fast, easy-to-search format.

Choose from: Home (Headlines from across Tennessee and America, plus preview of the day's top stories); State (original reports, digests, summaries and links to Tennessee newspapers); Daybook (legislative, executive and campaign schedules published as soon as they become available); Nation (staff news summaries plus reports from a wide variety of reporting services); Political Asylum (opinion, commentary, editorial page summaries from around the state, letters, political humor and the occasional penetrating cartoon); Ad Watch (scripts from political ads that work - and some that don't work, plus an analysis of both kinds); Money Trail (our exclusive database of financial contributors, contributions to state and federal candidates, and lobbyist registrations.)

Why You Need Tennessee Politics

The Tennessee Politics team of contributors provides daily summaries, analysis and original reporting on Tennessee politics, policy and campaign activity. The full report is delivered by fax and Internet. It includes national politics and policy news, including presidential and key congressional campaign reports from coast-to-coast. If your livelihood is affected by politics in Tennessee, you need Tennessee Politics.

Knowing First Means Winning in Politics. There is no better way to stay ahead of the competition than our daily political intelligence briefing tailored for professionals like you.

When Is Tennessee Politics Updated?

Tennessee Politics is updated daily by 9 a.m. central time with breaking news added on a continuous basis. By providing easy-to-use "comment" links and reader forums, our goal is create an interactive political community that lets readers learn what they need to know - and say what they think - fast and effortlessly.

How to Use Tennessee Politics

Selecting www.tennpolitics.com in your Internet browser takes you to the Tennessee Politics Home Page, a public area that presents excerpts of daily news from the subscription sections of the site. You must become a subscriber to go inside Tennessee Politics.

How to Subscribe

Tennessee Politics is currently offering a free, three-day trial subscription. To qualify, merely complete the information form that will be displayed on screen.

Trial subscribers may convert to paid service at any time by clicking on the "Try Us!" button on the home page then clicking on the "Subscribe" button on the next page. You will then be given the option of subscribing by credit card or by filling out an online form and mailing us a check for the appropriate amount. For your protection, the credit card payment process is secure.

Once we have received confirmation of your credit card payment (or have received your check), your subscription will be processed.

Except where group rates or other special payment arrangements have been made, the cost of a year's Electronic Delivery subscription for Tennessee Politics is $325.

Getting Around

Tennessee Politics is easy to navigate using a simple "frames" system. The campaign buttons across the top of the page will always be on top and will take you to the section described on each button. The headlines column down the right side of the page lists all the stories in the section you are browsing. The headlines appear in the same order as the stories, scrolling downward from newest and most important to older and less important. Today's news will be always be at the top. News from previous days may appear for awhile, or it may be disappear quickly if there are a lot of new stories coming into the section. You can immediately zoom to a story you want to read by clicking the headline in the Headlines column. Or, you can scroll through the story column, reading as you go. Go to another section anytime by clicking one of the section buttons that always appear at the top of the page.

Seeing More of a Story

You can open the section you are currently reading at any time in a new, larger, window. This may make it more comfortable to read. To do this, (Windows 95 users) place your mouse cursor anywhere in the story you want to zoom in on and click your right mouse button. Then pick "open this frame in a new window." When you are done, simply close the window to go back to the original Tennessee Politics view. Macintosh users: Click and hold your mouse for a moment until the "open frame" option appears.

Sending Stories to Your Printer

You can easily make a printed copy of any section by clicking within the section to "activate" it and then selecting the Print Frame option from your browser menu. You can also copy and paste individual stories into word processing or other text documents by using standard Windows or Macintosh commands.

System Requirements

Tennessee Politics works on any personal computer with an Internet connection and standard web browser software. Netscape Navigator 2.0 or Internet Explorer 2.0 or higher are required. We have built Tennessee Politics to run as quickly as possible. If you are not satisfied with the performance of the site, please contact Scott Nelsen at scottn@tennpolitics.com. You may need to upgrade your equipment, but we will be happy to help you decide what you need. The fax delivery option is ideal for readers who don't have time to use the website on a daily basis.

How to Contact Tennessee Politics

By e-mail:

By mail:

Tennessee Politics
P.O. Box 615
Memphis, TN 38101

Tennessee Politics Contributors and Staff

Tennessee Politics' daily contributors include the most experienced political reporters and commentators in the state. Plus, we feature an ever-changing array of commentators drawn from elected office, government relations, campaign consulting and others who have strong opinions and know how to get them across.

Jackson Baker, senior editor of The Memphis Flyer and contributor to Time Magazine is editor/publisher of Tennessee Politics.

Tom Humphrey, the Nashville bureau chief for the Knoxville News-Sentinel, covers the Capitol for Tennessee Politics.

Betsy Kauffman Humphrey, veteran journalist and correspondent for Time Magazine, is copy editor and state news liaison for Tennessee Politics.

Robert Houk, staff writer for the Johnson City Press, covers Upper East Tennessee for Tennessee Politics.

Other regular contributors include Clint Brewer of the Lebanon Democrat, Liz Murray Garrigan of the Nashville Scene, and Joe Sweat, an experienced student of government and free-lance writer in Nashville.